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About cookies

About Cookies

At, our aim is to bring to you some of the ways you can get some credit.

So, how do we use Cookies

When you read one of our articles, and click through to the retailer the article talks about, and then make a purchase from that retailer, we earn a small commission.

To do this a cookie is placed onto your computer when you visit a retailer from our website, if you then go on to buy something, the cookie identifies you as having come from our site and we earn our commission.

it's important to note that you don't pay any extra on your purchase, any commission we receive comes from the retailer in question.

How to delete and block our cookies

If you want to delete or block our cookies you can do so using your browsers settings. If you would like detailed instructions as to how to do this you can read the guides on

Other uses of cookies at

We use some software called "Google Analytics" to find out how many people visit our web-site. Google Analytics is a service that allows us to anonymously track the use of our website by those who visit. The data collected is all added together to give us an idea of how many people visit us. You remain anonomous, meaning you cannot be identified personally.

That's it with Cookies

That's it as far as cookies and is concerned. I hope this has answered any cookies related questions you may have had.