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Want a conservatory? Where to start, and how to finance your conservatory

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Paying for your conservatory

Once you're happy with what you want from your conservatory, you need to address the small matter of paying for it. Unless you're paying from savings, you may have to consider a loan to finance your project.

If you require a loan, enter a few details here, and you will receive a call back at a time you specify, to discuss your requirements.

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Planning for your conservatory

Adding a conservatory to your home can be great way to add another room your house; and potentially add thousands of pounds to the value.

However, any home improvement is only going to add value if it is done properly. So make sure you do your homework beforehand.

Size of conservatory to build

Look at the space you have in the garden and make sure that whatever you build is going to be in proportion. You still want to have somewhere to be outside in the summer. Also take into account the style of your property. A conservatory that doesn't fit in with the style of the house won't do you any favours.

Direction of conservatory

Look at the direction your potential conservatory will face, as this can also affect the type of conservatory you choose. A south-facing conservatory will need a lot of ventilation in the summer months, while a north-facing one may have to be heated in winter.

Planning permission

Speak to your local council planning office to make sure you're staying within the law. Conservatories under 30 square metres don't currently need any planning permission, although if you've already extended your house in any way you may need to get approval for a new extension.

Building Regulations

See whether you need Building Regulations. You now need a HIP (Home Information Pack) when you sell your house, so any documentation regarding your conservatory needs to be correct. Anything not in order could slow down the sale.

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