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Fixed Rate Loans with a low APR

Fixed rate loan or variable rate loan

Fixed rate loans allow you to easily calculate your monthly budget for your loan.

The benefit of a fixed rate loan is that you know how much the interest on that loan will cost you over a fixed period. Many loans offer a five year fixed rate period at the start of the loan term.

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A fixed rate loan will help to take the worry out of whether the Bank of England will put up interest rates again!

For example, if you take out a fixed rate loan at 5%, in 3 year's time this rate could be 8% or more. A fixed rate loan takes away this uncertainty because if you take a fixed rate loan out now at 5%, in 3 year's time it will still be 5%.

On the negative side, if the Bank of England puts interest rates down, you will end paying more than if you were on a variable rate.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a fixed rate loan or a variable rate loan. It all depends on which type of loan you feel more comfortable with.

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